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best shoes for basketballSport is supposed to be the ideal way for recreation. Today’s generation is feeling crazy towards sports. They spend a lot of time just playing and watching sports. Basketball is considered the standard media among them for entertainment. I think, the reason you are reading this article to learn how to choose best shoes for playing basketball. That’s why I will discuss everything how to choose best shoes for basketball in the below section:

How we determine the best basketball shoes:

The formula is simple. If the shoes assist to boost productivity and reduce the chances of injury in the field then it’s the best choice for you. Without ideal practice, you won’t achieve your expected result. But you can ensure the best support and stability on the ground from a standardized pair of shoes.

Recognize the ideal playing style:

There are a lot of basketball players who have got diverse playing style in their own way. Individual playing style involves its unique kind of shoes. Choosing the best basketball shoes is really depending on the style of playing. There are basically three types of playing style. These are post-player, a ball handler, and an all-around player. Now, I will briefly describe which shoes will suit these individual playing styles.


These styles of playing need to do a lot of powerful activities. They have to jump and land a lot on the ground. Besides, ankle injuries are so common in this kind of playing style. So, the shoe must provide enough ankle stability. Strong physical movement is a must for playing. So, high-tops shoes are the best option for this kind of playing style.


A ball handler needs solid movement capacity on the ground. They need to jog the ball up the floor. So, low-tops are the best standard for playing as a ball-handler position.

All-around player:

The types of players need mid-tops shoes. These are the player who gets expertise in all the sectors. In order to gain faster movement, their shoes must be lightweight not too heavy. That’s why; the all-around player must choose mid-tops shoes.

Some significant factors in choosing the best shoes for basketball:

best shoes for basketballIn recent times, the majority of the people wear shoes just to show their fashion status. They don’t care about their comfortability and health issues. But in terms of buying the best shoes for basketball, you have to keep in mind some important factors. Don’t panic, I will be giving you all the tips for choosing the best craft in the below sections:


Yes, you heard it right. Compatibility is one of the major concerns before buying basketball shoes. Basketball is such a game that needs a lot heavyweight jumping, landing, and strong physical movements. So, if your shoes are too tight or too loose, it will create a lot of difficulty for you on the ground. Besides, there will be immense possibilities for injuries. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable on the ground then no matter how great player you are can’t show your true potential.


It is most common yet the important functionality of a shoe. We don’t play basketball for a short period of time. Basketball has meant to be played for a long period of time. After purchasing, it will be reliable for one or two months. Then, after a couple of months, it will lose its stability. In spite of aging, basketball shoes are still suitable for wearing. But there will be a lot of risk of getting attacked by severe injuries. That’s why it is advised to choose stable shoes for playing basketball.

Ankle support:

The ankle injury is a most common thing while playing basketball. This will create a great difficulty for the players on the court. To prevent this problem, we need shoes that are more breathable and suitable. Besides, the shoes need traction while running on the ground with quicker movement to prevent ankle injuries.


Most people are deceived by this term. Ordinary people think that if the rate is high then the quality of the shoes will be standard. But the reality is completely different than the perception. Maybe you will get the most the most fashionable shoes with a high price but it won’t fulfill the expectation of standard quality. That’s why, before purchasing a shoe, you must check some standards like comfort ability, durability, breathability, and sole quality etc. Go for the quality rather than looks.


Though the shoes are well fitted it’s always needed proper backup. Our knees are so sensitive. If we put a lot of effort on our ankles then it will become injured. Ankles need proper space for a strong movement. We must ensure the standard backup.


From the upper point, we have come to know that the shoe must be well fitted, have enough ample for knees and ensure proper breathability. That’s all true, but there is a saying that if you look good then it must reflect on the ground. So, if you have to make sure that your fashion status should meet the standard level.

External stability:

We are just concerned with inner stability. We think that if the inner sole is well fitted and have suitable balance then it will be comfortable. But the thing is that External sole also plays a vital role on the ground. To get a balanced grip on the ground, the external sole must be flat and wide space able. So, that’s why we have to balance between both inner sole and outer sole for having the best performance on the court.
So, from all the discussion, now we can easily determine the quality of basketball shoes. But, where we can find the best shoes for basketball and which brands is now a trending thing in the market?? There are a lot of questions, right. Follow me with the article and you will get all queries.

Best brands for basketball shoes:

NIKE Kids’ Team Hustle D 7 Basketball Shoe (GS):

This brand is not only well-fitted but also give you stunning and fashionable look. You will feel sturdy after wearing these shoes. This shoe will enhance your physical and running movements. There is a lot space in the inner sole. So, your knees will not get hurt while jumping or lifting. So, this brand is deserved to be on top of the list.

Under Armour Men’s UA Rocket:

These shoes are not too bulky. It’s a lightweight shoe. So, players won’t get injured while playing. Besides, the sole has a lot of traction in it. So, it will provide extra benefits on the court. The people who are suffered from bad knee problems will find relief in this kind of shoes. So, this is also a recommendation for shoe lovers.

NIKE Kids Air Force 1 Premium (GS) Basketball Shoe:

This brand has got soft midsole. This midsole makes the shoes more active and comfortable for playing kids. On the other hand, the cushioning of the shoe will make it more supportive and comfortable. So, this is also a must try for the basketball shoe lovers.


Nike Jordan Kids Jordan Jump man Pro BG:

It provides enough protection to the ankles. The structures of these shoes are sturdy. But the shoe is so lightweight. So, it won’t create any difficulty through fast movements. The users are feeling nimble throughout jumping and lifting. On the contrary, the sole is well stable and suits both indoor and outdoor playing activities. So, this one’s also a must try for the basketball shoe lovers.

So, in brief, before purchasing any shoe for playing basketball, always keeps in mind that the shoe must contain the above-mentioned qualities, because, there is a saying that without the best shoes, a great player always remains an ordinary player.


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