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Bes Shoes For Pregnancy

During pregnancy you know that you need to buy new clothes for your changing body shape. But did you aware that you might need  to  buy a new pair of shoes ? Yes it’s true. So you need to pick the best shoes for pregnancy which not only will provide the support also stability . A research shows that at the time of pregnancy a woman’s feet can grow 70% larger than before . This is why your previous shoes might not fit in your foot right now .Here comes  Burne-tic Women’s Ox Vintage Sneaker  the best shoes for pregnancy .

Light weight:

Burne-tic Women’s Ox Vintage Sneaker  is the best shoes for pregnancy because it is very light weight shoe . It’s materials make it very light so you can walk around wearing this shoe without having any pain. This time you need a kind of shoes which can give you safety  as well as painless experience.


It’s important for a pregnant lady to have all kind of comfort for her body . Choosing the best shoes for pregnancy is one of that comfort you can have easily. This Burnetic Women’s Ox Vintage Sneaker is made of cotton . So it will make your walk very comfortable .

Features and Specification:

  1. Rubber sole : This Burnetic Women’s Ox Vintage Sneaker  has rubber sole . This why you can step on pebble without flinching over-this is one of the qualities which make this shoe the best shoe for pregnancy. In pregnancy you need extra support that can help you to balance while walking.
  2. Imported This Burnetic Women’s Ox Vintage Sneaker is an imported product with top quality material.  It very soft and light weight .
  3. Vintage look:  This is very simple yet elegant designing  shoe. You might think that this type of functional shoes are not so trendy. But your conception will change with this Burne-tic Women’s Ox Vintage Sneaker 

Bes Shoes For Pregnancy

Customer reviews and scores:

This Burnetic Women’s Ox Vintage Sneaker is the best shoes for pregnancy because it is determined to provide comfort for your foot. Ladies are liking this shoes . On amazon page I found 13 reviews at this time and they ranked this shoe 4.3 star out of 5. Majority of those reviews are good .Only few of them are critical. Like one customer said “ I like this shoe but it’s not comfy for long hours walk,” this problem doesn’t common with anyone else . One customer said “ great fit ,look vintage and look cool with any jeans color. These are my favorite!” I also recommend this for pregnant working ladies.

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Being a woman I know how much problem swelling feet can cause during last stage of pregnancy. So in that moment having this shoe can feel like an amazing gift. The best shoes  for pregnancy  can alleviate many pains during  that time . This Burnetic Women’s Ox Vintage Sneaker is very comfortable that after spending all day on your feet  you can come home without any pain. Let us know about your experience if you are already using this one by leaving a comment below.